At Bassey House of Music, we are dedicated to always doing our best and making the recording process an inspiring and creative experience. We don’t do things the same way every time – we personally tailor every approach for every client we work with.

Bassey House of Music is built from the ground up for recording. The acoustics in our LIVE ROOM are phenomenal for drums, grand piano, and string ensembles. We also have a great collection of some of the finest microphones in the world and there are keyboards, guitars, and amps to hand in all studios.

Want to record voice over for a film, a commercial, audio book or podcast? We’ve done all of the above, including trailers for films, commercials and campaigns. Our studio is suitable for recording vocals, and also perfect for voice-over recordings. Our engineers speak English, Twi, and other local dialects

We offer mixing and mastering at Bassey House of Music. Anything from a classic analogue mix on the SSL-Duality through the ATC-monitors for that magical low end! We also have a network of amazing professional mixers and mastering engineers around the world, who can achieve the exact mix and master you need.

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To book a studio or for any further information, please contact the Studios Team by giving us a call or sending us an email and we will get right back to you.

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